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  • Grand Opening July 27, 2012

    grand opening

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  • Where is Bracken?

    Bracken is located due west of downtown Brevard.  In fact, if you stand on Main Street in downtown Brevard and look westward, you will see a distinct mountain range.  Much of the mountain range,which you'll see framed by the buildings along Main Street, are within the area set aside for the Bracken Mountain Recreation Area.  From Brevard, the trailhead parking area is a short drive down Probart St towards the Brevard Music Center. The property also abuts Pisgah National Forest.

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  • Is Bracken Open to the Public?

    No, Bracken is not open at the present time.  Trails have not yet been developed, so it is difficult to access the property without trespassing.  Out of respect for the neighbors, and the trailbuilders constructing the trail, we ask that citizens refrain from entering the property until it has been formally opened.  Walking on new trails can sometimes be detrimental to their healing process. See below for a property development schedule.

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